For White Teeth


Dental cleaning and whitening are related each other. Whitening treatment depends on the cleaning before and a good evaluation regards to stains. Diagnostic of the stains is important step to have a successful whitening results.

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For a Beautiful Smile


Small movements and clear braces are also part of our specialties in order to offer more options and keep you with us in all points and levels of your treatment. Ask more about it….we are here to help!

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Shape up


From a simply white filling from a complex and conservative veneers with all thickness we offer you all the possibilities and we provide the best material metal free in the field and all option that fit in your case.

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For Your Oral Health


All procedures in surgeries are mostly done by Dr. Marques. The variety of techniques and diversity of possibilities make him all in one. from a simply tooth extraction to a complex sinus lift or apicetomy or a Ridge expansion we do all here without exceptions.

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Covering Spaces


Implants most of the time are the easy and fast procedure in oral surgery. Mostly take no more than 20 minutes. Sounds good ? Make your appointment and find out how we do it.

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Dental Prostheses


Prosthodontics could be combine with or without implants. Removable or fixed prosthesis are complements of something lost long time or recently that can rebuild your smile and making your mouth functional again.

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Our group has a goal to reach you in all levels of dentistry providing with care and passion the best of our services in our field.

Let's make your smile shine, come visit us!

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